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New Responsive Portfolio 2019

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  • Just trying to keep it eye-catchy and visually attractive
  • My photographs are blened along tech skills in order to keep it user friendly
  • It is an attempt to respond to the main question "What is exactly your job about ben ?"
  • I hope you'll get some good answers here

About me

Benjamin Fontaine
  • "Digital lifeguard, firefighter, doctor and juggler"
  • Proefficient developer, photographer, drone pilot, skier
  • Born 1983 in Annecy
  • Sustainable & hassleless programming
  • Scientific, then web services oriented studies
  • Just trying to make the best on a daily basis
  • Pragmatic, scientist, compliant

How does a regular day looks like ?

  • I'll always have to make thing work Asap !
  • Setting servers up
  • Fix bugs induced by users / collegues
  • Running maintenance, backups, optimizing
  • Implementing ORM and neat design patterns
  • Handling huge relational databases up to 120Go
  • Setting up redundancy, upgrading systems & components
  • Configuring, tuning the server as a guitar unitl the tune sounds good
  • Intervene on interdependant systems with SPOF or backdoors sometimes
  • Against the clock programming => getting the proof of concept ready for usage !


  • Leaning towards a better development which is secure and sustainable
  • Bringing automations for releases, monitored autonomous deployments
  • Test driven development, behaviour driven development, budget driven development
  • Jenkins, selenium, behat, phpUnit, and custom concurrent multi-stage scenarios
  • Either using jenkins, bitbucket or gitlab pipelines & docker post-commit hook
  • Releases rotation ( allowing quick rollback if something not found within tests ) operations


Scientific studies

  • Ability of conducting experiments, research, designing the experimentations, goals to reach, to the delivery of ready for production plug and play deliveries.
  • Mainly focused on industrial & automation needs
  • Including : quantum physics, advanced electronics, nuclear physics, digital signal processing, laboratory experiment setup, prototype design, radiology, optics, chemistry, mecanics, metallurgy, materials, crystallography, superconductors, advanced mathematics
Took me years to get this close !!

Magento developer

  • Since 2016, cumulating 3 years of Magento Development
  • Setting up, configuring, running & maintening Multiple domains, having different languages, running different stores, sometimes routed and divided in various instances, including fast & relevant search engine.
  • Return newest freshed data in stock , prices, sync them with Sage or Sap
  • Custom serach engines > lower shop responses time below 200ms
  • On the fly custom bundle generation, whose options might have various quantities acting on the final price
  • Implementing and testing new payment methods
  • See econcept & amersports (suunto, wilson) projets for reference
Aerial photography is one of my favorite hobbies

Salomon & Symfony

  • 12 month redesigning backoffice and frontoffice in Symfony 2
  • 9 month working on suunto, wilson custom integrations like payments, webservices
  • Including complex backoffice forms, relations, ORM m2m mappings, procedures ..
  • NoSql optimizations, preventing DDOS
  • Regenerating all products thumbnail with a special algorythm ( especially for trousers ) in order to get most of the product and less isolated background
  • Migrating all original data from custom ASP site to new symfony one ( with the schema changes, new constrains and so .. especially for navigations duplicated through 62 instances known as subsidiaries)

Creative and Out of the box thinking

  • I always like to provide answers & solutions where everyone seems to be stuck
  • Degree in investigations, debugging & performance improvment
  • Providing the database versionning for action replays
  • Or fixtures made the right way for replaying scenarios in a relevant environment

Setting up Wilson Magento Stores for Europe

  • England, france, germany, spain & italy implementing & testing new payment methods
  • ( from add2cart, payments, to orders completion ) https://www.wilson.com/fr-fr/service/racket-restringing-box-bundle-1
  • Demo racket order process and rma along with associated webservices and translations : Wilson Demo Rackets
  • Implementing new payment methods
  • Writing new webservices
  • Designing automated testing ( behat + selenium ) in a devops context for checking their right behaviour
  • Spent almost 7 month in a meeting room, developing, testing, releasing, coordinating

Young chamois

  • That one was such a surprise, I've always wondered why didn't he simply runned away
Drupal and custom legacy frameworks optimizations ( inspired from Doctrine, Symfony, Prestashop & Drupal ) : tons of maintenance, debugging & improvments

Moon over Aravis

Be there at the right time, right moment

Continuous Integration, delivery & advanced testing

behat-selenium :

Wildlife photographer


3d modeling : drone photogrammetry

- Menthon saint bernard castle : up to 423 million polygons, reduced at 32m for video rendering, 2.2 m for sketchfab export


Having practised generic "Agile", Scrum, Lean, Kanban or Asap - 2 weeks development cycles like sprint without even knowing the terminology. I'll always tend to lean towards the mimimal viable product delivery, which always secure the whole stack of developments, especially if you're standing along a waterfall development process and your collegues can't wait testing your job

Here is for illustrative needs the first drone prototype made by hand in 2012 ( first flight in 5 hours ) .. I've always built RC flying stuff since the age of 6, the goal here was to get it as soon as possible in the air in order to gather data for allowing smoother fly & automatic return to home with GPS error fixes even with an 8bit processing unit ( lightweight brain ), portative ( with foldable arms ), 1km control distance, enough payload for carrying a DC, allowing quick components updates, upgrades, replacment, wiring changes, soldering, using different batteries ..

Lessons learned was to keep the implementations, data- gathering as easy as possible, never design an elephant product which will require month for the slightest modification ( even if the prototype remains kind of "ugly" ) .. Please note some component were only tied by simple wires at the time in order to test the COG and UAV response times to given angular speed and forces ( researching how to prevent any gimlet especially on high speed, which some manufacturers never seemed to have taken care of .. )

In those last years, I met some people practising methologies like their own religion, with fanatism and blindness, thinking the "speed boat template" solves any problem on earth main joke is I have isolated the picture here using my defective photoshop skills from a bad picture ..

Magento : E-concept

  • » 12 month magento 1.9 development ( multistore, mainly B2B )
  • Designing the sage (ERP) bridge for synchronising prices, orders, product details
  • Allowing almost realtime ( 1 min ) data synchronisation within order, products
  • Re-fitting the search engine
  • Lowering response time from 90s to a few ms
  • More than 58000 products && much more ..

Advanced threat management

  • securing web assets - web servers - away from backdoors, injection, malicious code, like removing some advanced hydra-10 backdoors

Trying to sum up things

  • Great experience in custom desing / handmade heavily optimized tailored websites
  • Most significantly used frameworks : Magento, Symfony, Drupal
  • Designing custom on the fly bundles ( ex : designing your own cosmetics from a dynamic list of ingredients )
  • Some projets are way up so much complex than others I wont list any wordpress or project less than 3 month here

Maintenance & Monitoring

  • Keeping an eye on systems, making sure all machines are up and running with high availability - without failures
  • Independant autonomous reporting system running tests on scheduled intervals

Considerations / Emergencies / Procedures

  • Running a project could be sometime as complex as running a nuclear reactor, the dev duty is to be precautious, take care, and have emergency procedures set and ready in order to avoid any further accident propagation
  • An incident always begins on a tiny scale, this one might propagate and escalate ways higher in other processes / machines ( like SPOF, snowball effect, especially if no one considered that setting more alarms or failsafe mecanisms might safe some lifes one day .. )
  • Nuclear reactors were a chapter of my studies, this picture is great for descripting a complex engine with its needs of failsafes, killswitches, emergency procedures in case of failures, ddos(tzunami like fukushima), meltdown(Чернобыль too fast restart experimentation with security procedures offline) and so ..
  • Accidents like Чернобыль and fukushima allready occured, the devops duty is to take care no "uncharted" accident might happen and have set of appropriate responses ready like shutting down the reactor, and putting a new one online for replacement ( aws, kubernetes .. or cleaner code )

Racetrack cache Engine

  • Up and running for 42 projects this far !
  • Reducing response time from 15 seconds to 120ms ( for the highest ressource greedy page met this far ! )
  • Response time up to few ms for code written the right way!

Digital Strategist & Brainstormer

- Communication, plan & ops consultant

Teamwork & Project coordination

Working in close collaboration with collegues in Chicago, Munich, Hong kong, either in English or German

Mr Fix It !

Spending 30% of my daytime fixing bugs, either user or programmer induced, sometimes on hardware itself

Code Researcher

  • Autoloader && Design patterns from singleton to chain of responsability
  • NoSql databases like redis
  • Optimized SQL
  • Debugger
  • Fast & Maintainable code
  • Python, Go
  • 5 layers cache engine : { query cache, orm cache, block cache, html cache, full page updated+uuid 304 response tags along RP + cache warmer, custom user content being updated through asynchronous JS knowing whether or not pass the request to php and start the sessions }


Tester and validator along some processes like putting some products into the cart and finishing the order by paying it, using behat as example

A/B Testing

Seems I've spent almost 3 years getting conversion rates higher everyday -> custom form design skills ++, as the "fancyness" of a form/page is individual, it sometimes appears you'll get higher conversion rates even if it looks less "polished"


Bringing versionning & deployments technics to web projets for automated testing and delivery

Video Editor

Running FFMPEG in command line, premiere for varnishing

Lifeguard - Rescuer

Constraints on productions: used to intervene in emergency contexts without any prior knowledge of the subject in order to find concrete answers so the fire is gone !
from Everything ( global vm having all services ready to go ) to each PHP FPM instances deployment for scaling websites and services ( beware of configuring and reporting the right way !!!! ) Drone pilot & product development @ qimmiq including : product design & racing drone pilot

From Jenkins to bash scripting

Doing tons of bash scripting too, mainly where jenkins isn't needed .. main advantage being those scripts might be versionned, indenpendantly monitored, controlling deployments, testings, and also rollback ( making sure these are working, if one day, someone pushes the wrong code in production )

Spoken languages are

  • English ( proeficient : 840 pts at Toeic back in 2006 ), mainly used at work
  • Español : vale
  • Русские понятия
  • Deutsch ( 10 Jahre kumulativ )
  • Posso chiedere alle persone per strada in italiano
  • It all began back in 2004, from flat design to dynamic oop orm programing, always keeping an eye on performances, 14 years of love along php, mysql, css & javascript Tons of merge requests, conflict solving and pipelines

    Chef de dévelopement de produits

    QimmiQ : drones, caméras étanches 360°, téléphones outdoors
    secheresse annecy


    • 12 month redesigning backoffice and frontoffice in Symfony 2
    • Makheia's CRM ( or commercial intranet with tons of relations and weird custom forms )
    • Some symfony 4 development in between
    fireworks statistics & monotoring & counceling actions

    bug hunter

    - Debugging any php or js website, intercepts any javascript or php obfuscated malicious code, creating adapted firewalls, massively optimizes cronjobs
    Telecommunications : was also a main part of my studies, mainly for digital signal processing, 2.4 & 5.8 Ghz signal transmission ( used later in drone design ) Reverse engineering, full stack application rewriting Webservices, synchronisation along marketplace such as amazon for 5 european countries


    • Frontoffice symfony : Gestion des soldes
    responsive website design

    pilotage & réalisation vidéo en drone

    ben vs wild

    Clean & Efficient programming : since cleaner code consumes less cpu, less ram, use less machines and power, has a better ROI. This is a critical keypoint of any sustainable development
    Application instances are running since 12 years without any disruption

    Annecy Castle Sunset

    Really interested in Neuron Network Artificial Intelligence programming -> this picture was taken in Venise, and converted into a sketch like picture using "constrated features" or points of interests where sit most of the details variation Rod des vents, aerial climbers filming ( as I am sometimes part of them ) Panoramic & 360° aerial and ground based photography Photography Aerial Photography Aerial Photography : Annecy lake being dry in summer great holiday planner securing the web

    Digital camera

    • Should be the tenth model used after being huge fan of konica, then olympus watertight cameras


    Second love of my life

    Uav pilot && Cameraman

    • 900+ flight hours this far


    Third love of my life


    I sincerely miss the time where I was a student, running some experiments

    Skiing & Hiking !

    Plasmas - conversation topics

    Fusion power

    experiments, different approachs, how to solve it

    quantum physics

    Along young experiment, bells ..

    Nuclear Physics & Reactor Design

    Thorium fluoride liquid reactors shall produce the energy of 200 tons of uranium, or 3500000 tons of coal

    Games && Hobbies

    • Like KT Tunstall, always keepin an eye on the telescope
    • Astrophotography

    Huge battlestar galactica fan

    Used to be viper strike force leader in a bsg environment game ( hunting, disabling, isolating and nuking basestars with nice AP torpedoes in the ships drives )


    Lets trigger an AI Revolt, or a Scourge Invasion is always lots of fun

    Transport Tycoon

    The cheerfull

    Master or Orion 3

    Really interesting, but takes to much time to end one game, especially on managing each planet & colonists along with refiting ships with the latest warheads .. Ai beeing agressive, you cant win on diplomacy or playing Peacefully

    Master or Orion 2

    Right, the mutually exclusive points in the race selection is a huge asset of customization : favorite is elerian like race "physical weak, telepath, creative"

    Master or Orion 2

    So much emotions ! Rushing towards orion with 6 special design MIRV missile ships is still the best strategy !

    Spacewar Ho !

    First time played around 1992, I still have the skills to conqueer the whole Galaxy against extreme AI levels

    Fa18 hornet & Aerial dogfight games

    funny thing is, due to its accuracy, this game became the official trainer for pilots

    Enhanced Web Security

    • Securing from 99% threats

    BulletProof Hosting

    • 100% secured uptime for your website

    New Responsive Portfolio 2019

    • Swipe this or simply hover navigation icon
    • Place your cursor over elements to open them
    • Just trying to keep it eye-catchy and visually attractive
    • My photographs are blened along tech skills in order to keep it user friendly
    • It is an attempt to respond to the main question "What is exactly your job about ben ?"
    • I hope you'll get some good answers here

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    There are always two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit- Indira Gandhi

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